DIYSite is the brainchild of Danie Meiring, a seasoned systems and website designer.

We have been designing systems and websites for more than 20 years now, and during these years, the website design industry has transformed dramatically. We have learned from our experience that the features most of website owners need are:

- Time to market: Everyone wants their websites quickly
- Cost Effective: Everyone wants their websites at a reasonable price
- Professional: Websites must look professional with a high perceived value
- Dynamic: Website owners want to manage their own websites
- Customisable: Websites must be unique
- Extendable: Website owners want their websites to grow as their businesses grows
- Longevity: The website must stay relevant for years to come

We have worked with various website frameworks and could not find a solution that satisfies all of the above needs. This lead us to design our own framework based on the very popular WordPress backend and DIYSite was born.

DIYSite gives us the opportunity to design professional websites at the speed of light that looks like a million dollars (and you only pay pennies).